Abril de 2020 - Risk Manager is Suddenly a Hot

Risk Manager Is Suddenly a Hot Job

Twenty years ago, corporate risk managers had no public visibility. Most were back-office staffers who focused on securing insurance for environmental and real estate problems. Young people didn’t aspire to be risk managers.

The pandemic has catapulted the field into prominence almost overnight.

The role is complex and demands a wide range of skills. Chief risk officers need the analytical might to evaluate everything from supply chains  to staffing; the ability to maintain many relationships; the power of persuasion to sway fellow executives; the communication savvy to handle employees and media in a crisis; and financial literacy to understand not only a company’s balance sheet but also how much money would be lost if a certain factory in Turkey closed for a week, for example. All this while answering to the government regulators and investors who risk managers say are inquiring about preparations for global catastrophes. The job is about managing “wars you didn’t start.”

While the global spread of the new coronavirus has thrust risk management into the spotlight, the field has been steadily expanding for years, starting with 9/11.

Even though there were few university programs in the U.S., with the pandemic, that´s about to change. Graduate and certificate programs are already seeing a shift the program is expanding to meet demand.

Adapted from https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-14/risk-manager-is-suddenly-a-hot-job-amid-coronavirus