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5 Thing Bosses Should Never Say During a Crisis

Knowing what to say in a difficult situation is hard for anyone, however, knowing what not to say is just as difficult and perhaps even more important right now.

Mary Shores, a multi-million-dollar CEO, best-selling author, gives us her top five tips on what not to say.

Avoid saying:

1. “You should have…” – this can make people feel being lectured or judged, instead use the phrase “What I can suggest is” because it changes the focus of the conversation to the solution rather than the problem.

2. “Calm down.”- even when it’s said with the best intentions – has the power to stir people up even more. The best way to express empathy is to make people feel heard. Use the phrase ‘I know this is a challenge’

3. “Everything will be ok.”- It can have a similar effect of creating more conflict than connection. Try giving people specifics they can hold onto and introduce that information using the phrase, “The great news is….”

4 “Don’t worry about it.”- negative words can cause people to enter panic mode because they’re afraid their needs aren’t going to be met. Say instead ‘Let’s focus on xyz.’, focus on the solution.

5. “You will be fine.”- this can easily come across as insincere. Prefer to start with ‘What I’d really like you to know is….’ Even if you don’t have all the answers, sharing what you do know can give people some peace of mind. 

We can’t control everything about the current situation, but we can control how we communicate and respond. Let’s make empathy and connection top of mind.

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