Junho de 2020 - 5 Ways to Demonstrate Your Value - Remotely

5 Ways to Demonstrate Your Value — Remotely

We know that with remote working arrangements, you don’t have the visibility with your colleagues and managers that you normally would, and you may wonder if they remember your presence — and more importantly, your importance to the organization.

I can’t guarantee that your position is secure, but the following suggestions are five concrete steps that you can focus on right here, right now.

Do Your Work

Especially in times where businesses and organizations are having to make hard decisions about who to keep, doing your work — and doing your work well — is essential.

Tell Others

You don’t need to give yourself a shout out at every single meeting, but if you have accomplished something significant, share it.

Help Your Boss

Although you don’t want to overload yourself with extra work to the extent that you burn out or can’t keep your commitments, look for ways to make your boss’s life easier.

Play Nicely

During this time, you not only want to be seen as a valuable individual contributor, but also as someone who elevates the entire team. Try to work out differences with your colleagues on your own, without getting your manager involved.

Spread Positivity

Be different. When you’re chatting before the start of a meeting or sending an email, mention something — anything — other than the coronavirus. Whatever you focus on expands, so expand good in the lives of your coworkers.

As a bonus, if you can be humorous, do so. While doing good work and being a positive presence doesn’t guarantee your position, it does increase your odds because you’re demonstrating your value to the organization and the people around you.

Adapted from : https://hbr.org/2020/06/5-ways-to-demonstrate-your-value-remotely