Junho de 2020 - The Best Managers Balance Analytical and Emotional Intelligence

The Best Managers Balance Analytical and Emotional Intelligence

From Harvard Business Review

We have two major neural networks functioning in our brains: the analytic network (AN) and the empathic network (EN).

The AN helps us make sense of things and events. We use it when we are solving problems and making decisions. It helps us engage in abstract or analytic thinking, like financial analysis and data analytics. The EN enables us to scan the environment and be open to new ideas and other people. What’s really interesting is that these two networks suppress each other. When one is activated, the other is deactivated.

How to Achieve the Right Balance

1. Be aware of your own predilection. What is your “go-to” neural network?
How am I processing things at this moment? Am I thinking about concrete facts, details, or solutions? Or, am I reflecting more openly and creatively about possibilities? Am I thinking about what is objectively right or wrong?

2. Exercise the neural network that isn’t your go-to. 

To exercise your empathic network:

Complete at least one 15-minute conversation each day in which your sole purpose is to understand the other person, not to solve their problem or give advice.

Attempt to listen beyond what you hear (i.e. body language, tone of voice, emotional cues, etc.).

To exercise your analytic network:

Schedule specific windows of time within which to complete certain tasks. Hold yourself to those committed windows.

Compile a list of household expenses incurred each month such as utilities. Record your actual expenses paid over the last 12 months. What are the trends you see in the numbers? What was the highest or lowest amount paid and in which month? How do the expenses compare to what you anticipated?

3. Practice balancing both.

When making (or communicating) a decision that impacts others, think about potential personal implications of the decision. Spend time attending to these relational aspects in addition to the technical ones.

The analytic and empathic networks are waging a constant battle in your brain. The key to maximizing your effectiveness as a leader and having more productive relationships is learning to be more aware of which network is activated at any given time and being able to seamlessly toggle back and forth between the two as necessary.

Adapted from: https://hbr.org/2020/06/the-best-managers-balance-analytical-and-emotional-intelligence