Maio de 2020 - 5 Things Bosses Should Never...

5 Thing Bosses Should Never Say During a Crisis

Knowing what to say in a difficult situation is hard for anyone, however, knowing what not to say is just as difficult and perhaps even more important right now.

Mary Shores, a multi-million-dollar CEO, best-selling author, gives us her top five tips on what not to say.

Avoid saying:

1. “You should have…” – this can make people feel being lectured or judged, instead use the phrase “What I can suggest is” because it changes the focus of the conversation to the solution rather than the problem.

2. “Calm down.”- even when it’s said with the best intentions – has the power to stir people up even more. The best way to express empathy is to make people feel heard. Use the phrase ‘I know this is a challenge’

3. “Everything will be ok.”- It can have a similar effect of creating more conflict than connection. Try giving people specifics they can hold onto and introduce that information using the phrase, “The great news is….”

4 “Don’t worry about it.”- negative words can cause people to enter panic mode because they’re afraid their needs aren’t going to be met. Say instead ‘Let’s focus on xyz.’, focus on the solution.

5. “You will be fine.”- this can easily come across as insincere. Prefer to start with ‘What I’d really like you to know is….’ Even if you don’t have all the answers, sharing what you do know can give people some peace of mind. 

We can’t control everything about the current situation, but we can control how we communicate and respond. Let’s make empathy and connection top of mind.

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Abril de 2020 - Which countries were ...

Which Countries Were (And Weren’t) Ready for Remote Work?

As the world races to contain the spread of Covid-19, socially distant modes of working have become the norm.

While only part of any economy’s work can be done remotely, the success of moving large swaths of work into “socially distant mode” depends on multiple digital services: telecommunications platforms and apps; e-commerce and digital media. On top of that, countries need digital payment options capable of handling the surges in transactions.

All of these, in turn, are dependent on internet infrastructure and how able it is to keep up with the spikes in digital traffic, especially with the simultaneous use of high-bandwidth applications.

At Tufts University’s Fletcher School, in a research project we examined this question by evaluating 42 countries that are significant in the global economy.

Robustness of key platforms — technology-mediated remote work, e-commerce, digital media and the country’s digital foundations — key to business continuity

Proliferation and resilience of digital payments options to facilitate transactions

Resilience of the internet infrastructure to traffic surges.

The research concluded that some countries that are well poised for business continuity, with robust digital platforms and digital payment infrastructure, like the U.S.A., are not ready enough, they have problems with the internet infrastructure once most populous cities experienced some form of network degradation.

The E.U. is not ready: Much of Europe suffers from middling robustness of the platforms and vulnerable internet infrastructure.

China is not as robust or resilient as it seems to be but it became a hotspot for the use of a cluster of digital technologies.

Emerging market countries are the most vulnerable, but many have taken positions at odds with their internet resilience. Mexico and Brazil are more internet resilient than Indonesia or India.

For many countries, this crisis casts a spotlight on the gaps overall and unevenness of digital access. And as the pandemic has underscored how interconnected the world has become, it should also underscore that we should try to learn from each other as we rebuild in its aftermath.

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Abril de 2020 - Liguaskill Exercises

Women´s Health

Being a man or a woman has a significant ________(1) on health, as a result of both biological and gender-related differences. The health of women and girls is of particular ________ (2) because, in many societies, they are disadvantaged by discrimination rooted in sociocultural factors. For example, women and girls face ________ (3) vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.

Some of the sociocultural factors that ________ (4) women and girls to benefit from quality health services and attaining the best possible level of health include: ________ (5) power relationships between men and women; social norms that ________ ( 6) education and paid employment opportunities; an exclusive focus on women’s reproductive roles; and ________ (7) or actual experience of physical, sexual and emotional violence.

While poverty is an important ________ (8) to positive health outcomes for both men and women, poverty tends to yield a higher ________ (9) on women and girls’ health due to, for example, feeding practices (malnutrition) and use of ________ (10) cooking fuels (COPD).

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1. a. effect                          b. impact                           c. view

2. a. subject                       b. importance                   c. concern

3. a. numerous                  b. little                               c. increased

4. a. prevent                      b. enable                           c.lead

5. a. relevant                     b. more                              c.unequal

6. a. improve                     b. decrease                       c. empower

7. a. improbable               b. none                              c. potential

8. a. barrier                       b. door                               c. entrance

9. a. burden                      b. relief                               c. alternative

10.a.healthy                     b. unsafe                             c. expensive



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Abril de 2020 - Risk Manager is Suddenly a Hot

Risk Manager Is Suddenly a Hot Job

Twenty years ago, corporate risk managers had no public visibility. Most were back-office staffers who focused on securing insurance for environmental and real estate problems. Young people didn’t aspire to be risk managers.

The pandemic has catapulted the field into prominence almost overnight.

The role is complex and demands a wide range of skills. Chief risk officers need the analytical might to evaluate everything from supply chains  to staffing; the ability to maintain many relationships; the power of persuasion to sway fellow executives; the communication savvy to handle employees and media in a crisis; and financial literacy to understand not only a company’s balance sheet but also how much money would be lost if a certain factory in Turkey closed for a week, for example. All this while answering to the government regulators and investors who risk managers say are inquiring about preparations for global catastrophes. The job is about managing “wars you didn’t start.”

While the global spread of the new coronavirus has thrust risk management into the spotlight, the field has been steadily expanding for years, starting with 9/11.

Even though there were few university programs in the U.S., with the pandemic, that´s about to change. Graduate and certificate programs are already seeing a shift the program is expanding to meet demand.

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Março de 2020 - How good are your listening skills?


When we ask how good your listening skills are, we mean, how well you understand people speaking in English. We know that some people are easier to understand than others, but to listen well is an ability that we can develop, so let´s practice with these exercises from Cambridge English.
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O mais novo teste de Cambridge English Assessment. Avalia as habilidades linguísticas usando padrões internacionais, com resultados mapeados de acordo com a Escala da Cambridge English e o CEFR.

O Linguaskill é uma prova adaptativa de inglês geral, tem múltiplos níveis, o que possibilita avaliar candidatos de todos os níveis de capacidade. Atualmente estamos aplicando a versão Reading & Listening. O agendamento é rápido, é possível agendar a prova de um dia para o outro, e o certificado é disponibilizado assim que o candidato termina a prova.

Aplicamos o LINGUASKILL em todo território nacional.

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O SIELE é o sistema mais completo, versátil e reconhecido para
avaliar ecertificar 
o domínio da língua espanhola.  

O SIELE certifica o grau de competência da língua espanhola
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O SIELE toma como referência os níveis estabelecidos pelo
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