Julho de 2016 - BULATS sample exercise

Exemplo de exercício do BULATS:

Selecionamos um exercício  que seria de áudio, porém fizemos a transcrição para você perceber o tipo de habilidade que é cobrada na prova.

Boa pratica !



- Which department will Paul’s new job be in ? ( Pay attention that will refers to future)

A Sales

B Human Resources

C Financial Management


This is what you will hear:

Woman: So, You’ve finished your training, Paul. Do you have any plans now?

Paul: I enjoyed the financial management training, and selling sounds interesting, but I’ve always liked working with people, so I’m starting in Human Resources on Monday.


Which department do you think he will work?

The only department that talks about future in the paragraph is Human Resources, so  letter B is correct.


What did you think? Was it hard or piece of cake?

Julho de 2016 - Está pensando em morar fora do país?

Want to learn how to feel at home in a foreign country, whether you're there for a weekend, a year, or a lifetime? Then this guide is for you.

Spending time in a foreign country is an opportunity to reinvent yourself that rarely exists outside of the witness protection program. It’s a fresh chance to build a new life that’s authentically yours in a country that isn’t. Here’s a few tips to consider before you make the big decision to move abroad.

Before you move abroad

1. Visit any place you’re considering before you move there – several times, if possible. Spend time exploring the area and getting to know the town. Just because you had a single, glorious weekend somewhere doesn’t mean it’s your ideal future home.

2. If you have a partner, agree in advance that either of you can veto a suggested destination. Dragging along a reluctant partner is no way to start out a new life overseas.

3. Consider your reasons for going. Is this the grand adventure you’ve always dreamed about? Are you moving for practical reasons, such as a job, lower cost of living, or a healthier climate? What are your expectations? What resources are you willing to commit to making the move a success?

4. Have a complete physical; you don’t want any health surprises when you’ve just arrived in a new country.

5. Bring a good supply of your medications, and find out if it’s possible to get refills sent to you by mail, at least initially. Give yourself time to get settled, then check whether your meds are available over the counter; if not, you’ll want to schedule a visit to a local physician for a new prescription.

6. Arrange for someone to receive your mail, scan your bills and letters, and email the scans to you; in some cases, you may want to have the originals mailed to you as well. Some companies provide this service, or you may want to ask a trusted friend or family member.


7. Here’s the most valuable packing tip of all time: before you go, lay out all your clothes and all your money, then take half the clothes and twice the money.

Once there

8. If you don’t see a veterinarian service that looks promising in your new neighbourhood, ask others who are walking their dogs in the park. If language is a barrier, go online to find an expat club and post the question on their website.

9. Assume everything will be different. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover things that are like home.

Learning the language

10. Take private classes if you can afford them. Your learning rate will skyrocket. And a private teacher can work with subjects that interest you (local culture, hobbies, food) or that you’ll need, such as vocabulary related to your job, the kids’ school, or that persistent plumbing issue in the downstairs bath.


Karen McCann moved to Seville in 2004 and writes about her expat experiences in 101 Ways to Enjoy Living Abroad Essential Tips for Easing the Transition to Expat Life. 

Junho de 2016 - Signs that you are a Hopeless Romantic

11 Signs that You are a Hopeless Romantic

How do we really know that a person is a hopeless romantic? Are you a hopeless romantic? Let’s look at some signs. You are a hopeless romantic if:

1. You love romantic comedies and chick flicks and chick litYou may have read the Notebook, or watched 50 first dates a couple of times. As a hopeless romantic, these things fuel your love for love. They feed you with your usual idealistic and sometimes delusional views on love and relationships.

 2. You get excited with romantic surprisesYou love the idea of giving (or perhaps receiving) a romantic gift. Most of the times, you’ll prefer receiving red roses than winning the lottery or you love to pull off those scenes you’ve watched from romantic comedies and surprise your special someone.

3. You are likely to treat non-living things with loveMost of the times, as a hopeless romantic, you treat your favorite objects as if you are in a relationship with them. You don’t want your favorite book to be dog-eared or you get mad when someone dents your car. Often, you are pictured to be apologizing to your phone because you accidentally lost grip and it fell in your soft and comfy bed.

4. You get touched easilyBecause you are a hopeless romantic, to you, almost all people become thoughtful. You loudly (and because you find it awkward to, silently) say “Awwww” when you see or experience other people’s small thoughtfulness. You might even think that your neighbor loves you just because he told you that your lawn is beautiful.

5. You are a crier (sometimes secretly)Aside from finding everyone to be thoughtful, you are the one person who everyone knows as the one who cries at movies. And sometimes, even in YouTube short flicks and touching fast food commercials.

 6. You always give the ‘don’t-worry-you’ll-soon-find-the-one’ adviceWhen your friends seek out for advice on relationships and dating, you always give the positive and supportive comments. You always tell a broken-hearted friend that he’ll find the one someday or to your friend who is in love that ‘don’t let him go, he might be the one.’

 7. You love listening to the ‘the feels’ genreYour playlist has a lot of ‘I-am-a-hopeless-romantic’ songs that give you the feels every time you listen to them. More often than not, these songs make you cry.

8. You love recommending cheesy moviesBecause you have watched a lot of romantic comedies, you tend to suggest them to your friends. “Hey watch *insert movie title*. This is the best-mooviiee-evaaahh.” But honestly, it’s not.

9. You paint sweet-images of you and your crush in your mindAs a hopeless romantic and an idealist, you tend to picture yourself and your crush to be spending the rest of your lives together. Sometimes, you get lost just thinking about it and you only wake up when your friends shake your shoulders asking what the hell is happening to you. PS: Don’t confuse this as sexual fantasies.

10. You get tongue-tied when your crush is around“Wheellzzz yezzz paeassss zeeeeeee seallllt phulleaassee” is how you commonly speak. Now, if you have a crush on a Klingon, chances are, he might misunderstand your request to pass the salt with something else.

11. You believe in ‘The One’As a hopeless romantic you have this someone you call ‘The One’ (codenames may vary). All your life, you made it your mission to look for this The One and finally love him forever. This, sometimes, may break your heart because you tend to look at everyone as the One. And they actually are The Ones, only that they are not The One for you. Sorry to tell you that, buddy.

ConclusionIf you happen to be guilty of these, you probably are a hopeless romantic. But there is nothing to be a ashamed of. Someday, you’ll find The One. Trust me, I saw it in a movie (gee, I totally sounded like a hopeless romantic back there). But honestly, you have nothing to be ashamed of. As a hopeless romantic, nay, a beautiful person, you are entitled to your beliefs and you should not let anyone change that. Do whatever makes you happy. And if that takes believing in true love then push it through. You may never know it, but maybe, someone out there’s been geeking out the same way as you do and the universe is just waiting for you to bump into each other to concoct the best love story the world has ever seen. And it’ll be way better than Twilight. 

Written by Rudolphi Musngi

Maio de 2016 - Como eu posso me tornar fluente em inglês?

How can I become fluent in English?

Tom Corson-Knowles, Bestselling author of Rules of the Rich

From Your Quora Digest • 

So you want to become fluent in English?

It's a simple process.

The same process can be used to become fluent in any language you wish to master.

If you can read these words right now, you are well on your way to becoming fluent if you do the following things:

  1. 1.Study English every day
  2. 2.Read in English every day
  3. 3.Speak English every day
  4. 4.Think in English every day
  5. 5.Write in English every day

Study English every day

You must study every day. You can use flash cards, read a dictionary, textbooks, listen to English training programs, whatever you choose. It's best to mix up your study habits often so that you're using multiple parts of your brain to learn faster.

Read in English Every Day

Spend at least 5 minutes every day reading in English. Read what you want to read either for learning or entertainment.

Consider listening to audiobooks as well so that you can learn useful ideas as you are becoming fluent in English.

Speak English Every Day

Never let a day go by without speaking English. If you're all alone and have no one to speak English with, have a conversation with yourself out loud for at least 5 minutes.

You may sound crazy, but you'll be making progress!

Think in English Every Day

This is a big one. You want to start thinking in English every day as soon as possible.

I'm not talking about "automatic" thinking like when you have a dream in English or random words appear in your mind.

You want to consciously think in English every day. Here's a great way to get started:

Grab a notebook and pen. Write down a question in English at the top of the page. Then answer that question with the first thing that comes to your mind (If that first thing that comes to your mind is in another language, don't worry. Just translate it into English and write it down).

Continue this process daily.

You can become fluent even faster by writing down and answering questions related to your goal to become fluent. Here are some good questions to consider:

  • Who do I know that could help me practice having conversations in English?
  • How could I meet more English speakers to practice with?
  • Is there anything holding me back from becoming fluent?
  • What can I do today to become an even better English speaker?

You can use this same process of asking and answering questions in writing to help you solve ANY problem or challenge you come across in life.

Write in English Every Day

If you do the thinking exercise just mentioned, you will automatically be writing in English every day.

Consider writing an article, blog post or journal in English as well. Spend 5 minutes before you go to bed writing down a list of things you are grateful for in your life in English.


If you follow these five daily steps, you will become fluent in any language you wish to master. The key is to practice consistently EVERY day.

Whenever you have downtime or are waiting in a line or commuting, you should invest that time in practicing and studying. Have an audiobook with you. Talk to strangers in public. Do whatever you have to do to keep learning and turn your downtime into productive language learning time.

P.S. One of my publishing clients wrote a great book called How To Become Fluent In Spanish: Not for Beginners, Not Quick and Easy, but Really Effective. The book is focused on learning Spanish, but the exact same system can be applied to become fluent in any language rapidly. You can read the book in a day and keep the wisdom in it for life.

Quais são os hábitos das pessoas de sucesso?

What are the habits of highly successful people?


Waqar Ahmed, I figured out how to live happy!

• Waqar is a Most Viewed Writer in Successful People.

Here are three habits of three most successful people. If you can train yourself to adapt these habits, I am sure you are going to be invincible, unbeatable and the most successful person in coming 10 years.

Habit No. 01- Be an avid reader

Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world. This is what we all know, but I would go further and say that, he is one of the wisest man, too. I am being bold in declaring him the world’s wisest man because of his reading habit. The man who reads a lot, knows a lot.

Despite being busy, despite having enough, Bill still gives a good proportion of his time to read books. It's incredible that he finishes one book in a week, and every week of the month. Hence he reads 52 books in a year. When Bill Gates is reading books, it's definitely a clue that we should all pay heed to book reading.

For being successful, the habit of book reading is what you need to buildup. Remember, it’s the only way to enlarge your mind, learn new things, being friend with wisest souls, and get inspiration from them.

So how to make book reading your habit?

Just read what you are interested in. If you like fiction, then read some good books written by great fiction authors. And, if you love to explore and learn about wisdom, and nature, then search out best nonfiction books.

In the beginning, it feels hard to get started. Therefore, it is advisable to just read a few pages at a time. This continual practice of reading few pages a day will transform you as an avid reader. Just like our body needs time and practice to buildup stamina, our need also needs some practice to absorb more and then become addict of learning.

Habit No. 02 – Be Honest, Sincere and Brave

James Altucher is my favorite author and I have read his Choose Yourself four times in a row. What I like about James is that he is really open and sincere about his life experiences.

I found James as a sensitive person who loves his wife Claudia and her daughter. Just like he wants his family to grow, get prosper and avoid bad experiences, he keeps same desire for his readers too.

He has done so many experiments in his life and failed a lot of times too. But he shows us from his writing that we shouldn't be disappointed at all no matter how bad we fell on earth. All he wants is to see every person happy, successful and a nice human being.

These qualities of being open, brave and honest has won a lot of fame to him. People listen to him and love him. He is the most viewed authors at almost every social platform like Quora, Linkedin and Twitter. And obviously at his blog, he is a hero.

In pursuit of being a successful person, you will also need to buildup your reputation based upon traits James possesses. Be open, be brave and be honest.

Habit No. 03 -Say Less but grab people’s attention

Seth Godin is the most sought after blogger, public speaker and the top selling author. The unique thing about Seth is that, he is in clear defiance of all the SEO techniques, the way people market their products, and the way people write blog posts.

Instead of writing 1500+ words blog posts, he writes hardly 300 words post. Sometimes he writes a big posts, but not regularly. Still he is the most famous blogger and whatever he gives away free gets downloaded in a matter of minutes.

Recently he let his readers download his Thanksgiving message. In a matter of 24 hours, more than 20,000 people downloaded it. Incredible!!

Seth is really careful about how he asks people to take action. Instead of pasting a full page ad for his book or altMBA program, he just gives a link like this _. (There’s a link in that underscore).

For getting the mastery at brevity, you will need a lot of practice. It’s not easy to say all in few paragraphs. It’s really hard but worth learning. Also, like Seth you have will to learn how to respect people you work for. How to bring positive change. How to change people’s mind.

In the end, I would say that highly successful people are also humans. They also have feelings like fear, boredom and they also have to fight resistance. The difference between us and them is that, they take action. They are conscious about their lives, about their goals and are very omitted to their cause.

Another big factor of their success is this: They don't work for money. They are just following their passion. For them the driving force is to create something, be something and make a difference.

If you want to be really successful then don't worry about how much money your hard work will pay you. Expect no rewards, appreciation or anything at least in the beginning.

Just be focused and don't worry about anything. Just have eye on your goal.

This post first appeared at - Let's make something happen.. on January 29, 2016.


Certificações Internacionais de Cambridge

Linguaskill Authorised agent logo RGB 


Linguaskill from CambridgeV2 RGB

O mais novo teste de Cambridge English Assessment. Avalia as habilidades linguísticas usando padrões internacionais, com resultados mapeados de acordo com a Escala da Cambridge English e o CEFR.

O Linguaskill é uma prova adaptativa de inglês geral, tem múltiplos níveis, o que possibilita avaliar candidatos de todos os níveis de capacidade. Atualmente estamos aplicando a versão Reading & Listening. O agendamento é rápido, é possível agendar a prova de um dia para o outro, e o certificado é disponibilizado assim que o candidato termina a prova.

Aplicamos o LINGUASKILL em todo território nacional.

EXAME | Universidade de salamanca


O SIELE é o sistema mais completo, versátil e reconhecido para
avaliar ecertificar 
o domínio da língua espanhola.  

O SIELE certifica o grau de competência da língua espanhola
através de 4 provas:


O SIELE toma como referência os níveis estabelecidos pelo
Quadro Comum Europeu de Referência para Línguas.



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