Portuguese for foreigners


The methodology used is the Communicative Approach- it is a practical and result-oriented way of learning to communicate effectively in the language you are learning. It is a highly flexible system, where learners are closely supported and encouraged. The method's adaptive mixture of learning modes and approaches enables students to succeed, whatever their preferred learning style or previous experience of learning.  

Students start the acquisition of the new language with dynamic and interactive lessons, which teaches new vocabulary, grammar and idioms through dramatized real–life situations. Students develop their speaking skills through listening, repeating and reading the new language learned.


Classroom activities

- Practice of dialogues related to daily situations (role plays, films);

- Study of Phonetics through Listening and Repetition (dialogues, songs, films);

- Improvement of vocabulary through Listening, Speaking, Reading (actual material such as newspaper and magazine articles); Writing ( e.mails, reports, etc;)

- Study of Grammar: verb tenses, pronouns, articles, conjunctions, prepositions, etc.( oral and written exercises)

- Cultural Awareness (role plays, films, songs, readings, field trip activities, etc.)

We have great experience in teaching Portuguese for Foreigners at several Embassies.